4 Apps you Need to Organize your Holiday

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Planning a trip can be tedious if you do not have the right tools. Use these 4 applications to purchase tickets, budgeting and planning itineraries.

Tension is over and it’s time to enjoy trips. There are a lot of applications available that will make sure you have a great trip. Here is a list of 4 most important and amazing apps that you can use easily to compare prices, budgeting and check schedules.

01. TripCase


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Have you ever forget to gather everything on your trip books or your phone, and when you need the information you do not have at hand? Now TripCase will help you solve this problem. In this app you can save all your travel data to ensure that you will not miss any detail. Organize your hotel reservations, rental cars, attractions and search your itinerary in one place. Also, you can share your trips with others, and any update such as changes in your flight schedule will be notified.

02. Pemex Guide

Pemex Guide

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A road trip can be hectic when you don’t have enough information in hands. Download this app in such situation. In addition to marking the stations that are in the way, it will allow you to find repair shops, hotels, medical centers and other sites that could get you out of trouble.

03. Trace your route

Trace your route

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No need to worry about getting lost. The app developed by the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation is also essential to avoid mishaps in overland travel. Allows, as its name implies, trace routes road from one point to another and get accurate, as estimated time of arrival and average fuel consumption.

04. Ticket B

Ticket B

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This is a great app for people who are visiting Mexico or who live in mexico. If you prefer to travel by bus, this online platform will greatly facilitate your life. Here you can buy tickets to more than 4,000 destinations in Mexico, and the steps are super simple (online payment is very safe). It also houses a community of travelers sharing their experiences.


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