20 Mexican Superstitions You Probably Didn’t Know

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05. Seashells


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Although you love seashells, you can’t decorate your home with them. Mexicans believe, adorning your home with seashells bring misfortune.

06. Chasing bad spirit

Chasing bad spirit Mexican superstitions

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Keep a full glass of water on top of the cooler and behind the door. This as far as anyone knows retains bad spirits that might live at your house.

07. Salt shaker

Salt shaker Mexican superstitions

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Don’t pass a salt shaker hand to hand as it brings misfortune. Keep the shaker on the table and another person will take it.

08. Dog poop

Dog poop

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Mexicans believe that if you look at a dog when it poops, you will get a pimple on your eyes which is really ridiculous.


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