20 Bars Where You Can Enjoy Not Only a Drink, But Also a Stunning View

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09. Skye Bar, Sao Paulo, Brazil

From the height of the bars can be almost completely see the whole city, including its most famous sights.

Skye Bar, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Image Credit: com.br

10. Sky Bar, Bangkok

Being in this place, you will feel yourself intoxicated without drinking. The bar is located on the 64 floor of the Lebua Hotel and offers a magnificent view of the city. Facility is equipped with special lighting that changes color every few minutes. The bar is quite popular, in particular, it was filmed several Hollywood films.

Sky Bar, Bangkok

Image Credit: pinimg.com

11. The Roof, Los Angeles

These places are quite common and popular in Los Angeles, but this is the bar, which is located on Wilshire rooftop boasts a gorgeous view of the Hollywood Hills.

The Roof, Los Angeles

Image Credit: travelskills.com

12. TOP Mountain Star, Austria

This establishment is located in the popular ski resort in Austria directly in the Alps. From here you can see 23 mountain peaks, as well as part of the territory that belongs to Italy.

TOP Mountain Star, Austria

Image Credit: fltcdn.net


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