20 Bars Where You Can Enjoy Not Only a Drink, But Also a Stunning View

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Bar is a place where people love to go for a refreshment and taking a long breath after having a pressure of work in a man-made techno based world. For giving much more pleasure to the customers some owners have find out a different and awesome way. They have chosen some extraordinary places for a bar in the famous cities around the world as like they are introducing the heart of those places. So, that you can enjoy the peg of your favorite drink with a stunning landscape in front of your eyes. Isn’t it sounds wow? Here we are introducing 20 bars having most amazing views. Take a look to know where they are.

01. Vista Bar, Cape Town, South Africa

Vista Bar is a great place from where you can see the whole Cape Town city in one glance. Especially fascinating panoramic views of the mountains, which are clearly visible thanks to the huge, full-length windows.

Vista Bar, Cape Town, South Africa

Image Credit: audleytravel.com

02. Ozone, Hong Kong

Ozone is the world’s tallest bar, which is located on the 118 floor of Ritz Carlton building in Hong Kong. Being at this bar, you can see not only the city, but also its surroundings.

Ozone, Hong Kong

Image Credit: fltcdn.net

03. Top of the Mark, San Francisco

The bar is located on the top floor of the hotel Inter Continental Mark Hopkins. From here you can see a panoramic 360-degree view of the city. In addition, the bar has a fairly wide range of drinks, including martinis only here can be ordered in 100 different ways.

Top of the Mark, San Francisco

Image Credit: wordpress.com

04. Three Sixty, St. Louis

Enjoying an excellent beer or other drink, you can take a look at the whole city, which is located just in front of visitors at a glance. A great place to really have a good time.

Three Sixty, St. Louis

Image Credit: lhmc.com


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