15 People With Real Superpowers, You Won’t Believe Until You Watch

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We have seen many films where heroes are blessed with superpowers. In real life, we hardly believe that those powers can be possessed by any human. When you are reading this list, you must know that the world is actually full of bizarre things and we hardly know them. Here is a list of 15 people with real superpowers.

01. Crazy Visual Memory

Crazy Visual Memory superpower human

Image Credit: oumma.com

Stephen Wiltshire can take a gander at a thing just for a while and make the subject’s drawing with every component and exactness. Wiltshire is no more but he had the capacity of precisely drawing the New York city after a brief helicopter ride above it!

02. Eye Popping Man

Eye Popping Man

Image Credit: dallasnewsblogs.com

Claudio Pinto is able to pop out his eyes. This power is called as “Globe Luxation.” This man can really pop out his eyes 95% out of their chambers.

03. The boy made of rubber

The boy made of rubber

Image Credit: wp.com

The name of this boy is Daniel Browning Smith. Smith is considered as the most flexible human in the world. He’s sufficiently adaptable to separate his arms keeping in mind the end goal to fit through an unstrung tennis racket! The “rubber- boy” has three Guinness World Records to his name for his capabilities.

04. Teeth of Steel

Teeth of Steel

Image Credit: imgur.com

Rathakrishnan Velu from Malaysia has the capacity to drag weights of more than 200 tons utilizing his teeth! He guarantees he got this astonishing ability when an Indian master taught him to channel all his energy to a solitary piece of his body when he was 14.


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