12 Unusual Rituals That Will Bring Happiness to Your Life According to the Neuroscience

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Really we never get tired of thinking about happiness, right? Life is much more enjoyable when we are able to attach to joy and gratitude. Meanwhile, science continues to study happiness, finding more and more ways in which we can bring the elusive happiness to our lives.

Here we share 12 unusual rituals that will bring happiness to your life.

01. Sleeping in a pose of power

Sleeping in a pose of power

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Social psychologist Amy Cuddy talked with TED in 2012 where she said something about “Power Poses,” explaining that there are certain positions that people can take to feel more empowered because they change our physiology and make us perceive in more powerful ways.

Feeling empowered begins at night before. Cuddy says that sleeping in the fetal position or side with arms and legs pulled up to the torso is considered low- power poses. Even it can make you wake up feeling sensitive and vulnerable without really knowing why.

To avoid this situation and the day powerful, it is advisable to sleep in an open position with your legs straight. Like the girl in the picture.

02. Thursday is the best day

Thursday is the best day

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A study by the London School of Economics and Political Science in UK found that Thursday turns out to be the happiest day because of its proximity to as ‘expected’ weekend. In addition, with Wednesday, Thursday is also considered the most productive day at work, according to scientific studies.

Not only that, the study also found that the libido in both men and women reaches its peak on Thursdays, so it also becomes the best day for couples to show how much they love each other.

03. Follow the “golden number”

Follow the

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This theory, developed by psychologist Barbara Fredrickson proposes that for every negative experience you should have three positive approaches and thus you will achieve happiness. To us it makes sense!

04. Touching others (properly of course)

Touching others (properly of course)

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The human touch releases endorphins such as serotonin, and lowers blood pressure and heart rate, making you feel more relaxed and happy, according to a study by the University of North Carolina. If you have someone special, touch that person and let him/her to touch you. Then you will be happy together.


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