11 Hottest Female Sports Twins!

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There is much that remains to be discovered about the twins … But given, in some circumstances, they develop the same passions and the same tastes. And to prove that fact, there are twins in various sports. And these are the hottest female sports twins. By the way, if you arrive at the end of the article, there will be two surprise bonuses!

01. Lunde Twins

Hottest Female Sports Twins Lunde Twins

Image Credit: bublink.ru

Katrine and Kristine are called the Lunde Twins. These two sisters are Norwegian, and honestly, if the hair color were same, we would not really know who is who in this picture. The two are dedicated to handball. But while Kristine is now retired at age 36, Katrine still plays as goalkeeper in the Russian team Rostov-Don. Katrine has obtained several medals in European, world championships and even the Olympics in Beijing and London.
Kristine has achieved some less, but also has some medals in her cache. As a curiosity, I must say that until 2010, both played on the same team. But their paths diverged, because while Kristine went to IK Vag, Katrine went to KC GyoriETO then end up in the Rostov-Don.

02. Nystrom twins

Hottest Female Sports Twins Nystrom twins

Image Credit: thesportslane.com

Erika and Emilia Nystrom are into beach volleyball. Although we not know if these Nordics like to put on their twin name, but it is something that matters a lot. They are players of a Finnish professional beach volleyball team. Well, we did not know that the Finns had so much passion along the beach, and probably we never had seen such dark Finnish. But the truth is that the dark sit well.
Together they won European beach volleyball championship held in Berlin. Erika is relatively older and a little toller, measuring 1.79 meters, while Emilia is 1.77.

03. Warnell Twins

Hottest Female Sports Twins Warnell Twins

Image Credit: suckhoedoisong.vn

Although many believe that cheerleading is not a sport; however, it requires a great workout, so in this article we include a few pairs of twins engaged in this activity. One of these pairs of twins are the Warnell twins. They are Dresdynn and Schuyler, and though the names seem rare to us, they are, infact, Americans.

04. Kallur Twins

Hottest Female Sports Twins Kallur Twins

Image Credit: olympicgirls.net

What do they eat at the Nordic countries, that they have managed to have many famous twins? This is the case of the Kallur twins, who are of Swedish origin. They called Jenny and Susanna, and are dedicated to hurdle racing. In addition, these twin particular we love, since they get a little Swedish stereotype of pale freckled with long blond hair.
They already have 35, and Susanna won a gold medal for the 100 meters at the European Championship 2006. Jenny has not won any gold, but has a silver medal in Madrid 2005 and a bronze in 2000 in Santiago. To complain.They have talent, and they are gorgeous. What more could you ask for?


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