10 Mini-Hacks to Overcome Procrastination

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Procrastination is really a scary word which can ruin your life. It is the biggest enemy on your way of achieving goals. If you can overcome procrastination, you will be able to do something in your life. If you want to get rid of it, at first you need to be determined. Then start other things. Some habits can chase procrastination and set your life. Take a look at 10 mini hacks to overcome procrastination easily.

01. Set Goals

Set Goals Overcome Procrastination

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Don’t only think about your goals. You need to make sure, you have set the right goal. In 1970, a study was conducted on Harvard MBA graduates. They were told to write their goals and plans to fulfill the goals. Only 3% of the students wrote properly about their goals and plans. 10 years later, another study was conducted and the result was same. So, you must have a clear goal and you need to write the goal on paper. This will give you confidence and you will be able to overcome procrastination.

02. Break Your Goals Into Tiny Pieces

Break Your Goals Into Tiny Pieces Overcome Procrastination

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If you have a big goal, you will be affected by procrastination. Big goals take much time, so break your goals into mini goals and accomplish those step by step. Remember, you don’t have to finish all the works in a day. Take your time and accomplish everything. But, don’t make it so lengthy.

03. Write Down Your Schedule Previous Night

Write Down Your Schedule Previous Night Overcome Procrastination

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A schedule is very important and helpful to overcome procrastination. When you write down your work in a list, you are every time aware what to do and when. The list will remind you of your work. You will never delay for anything. When you write down your plans at night for the next day, it saves your time and makes you more efficient.

04. Set Deadlines

Set Deadlines Overcome Procrastination

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When you have a deadline, you will be more efficient. A deadline will always remind you that you have works to accomplish. When you have exams, you must get up early and finish your preparation. Take your work as an examination and set deadlines for it. If you think, you have less time, you will give more effort. Eventually, you will get rid of procrastination.


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