10 Errors that Successful People Never Repeat

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We all make mistakes, but people, who learn from their mistakes become successful in their lives.

Dr. Henry Cloud has discovered a series of “revelations” – that occur in life and in business – changing our way of doing things forever. And when that happens, you never again be the same. In short, you get to learn from your mistakes. “Years ago, a bad business decision provoked an interesting discussion with my mentor,” says Dr. Cloud. “I had just learned a hard lesson in the hardest way possible, and my mentor told me:” The good news is that once you learn the lesson, never repeat the same mistake. You’ll never do it. ” “At that time I wondered: what are the essential revelations of successful people that change forever the way they do things that lead to success in business, relationships, and life. Then I started studying these revelations and I was investigating for years. ” Although life and business have many lessons to teach us, Dr. Cloud has found 10 errors that successful people never repeat.

01. Repeat what hasn’t worked

Errors that Successful People Never Repeat

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Whether it is a job, business or broken relationship, we should never repeat the same thing we did before. Successful people don’t expect different results after doing same things repeatedly.

02. Force themselves to become another person

Errors that Successful People Never Repeat

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When we are doing certain things, we must question ourselves if we are compatible to these works or not. Successful people think before doing anything. When they feel that they are suitable for the work, they go ahead. They never push themselves for the works that don’t suit them.

03. Try to change another person

Errors that Successful People Never Repeat

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It is one of the biggest realizations that you can’t force others to become like you. Everyone is different and nobody has the right to change others. Successful people when realize this matter, they don’t come on the way of people’s freedom.

04. Try to please everyone

Errors that Successful People Never Repeat

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It is impossible to please everyone, so it is better not to try. People have rights to do what they want and you too have. Successful people don’t try to please everyone because they know some people will never feel pleased.


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