10 Most Epic Deaths in Game of Thrones So Far!

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Deaths in Game of Thrones


When it comes to game of thrones, you can’t possibly guarantee that the next scene is not the death scene of your favorite character.

Game of Thrones is a series that really divides the head of the public (and some characters in the literal sense); while we are extremely saddened by the massacre of characters that the story brings, it is always that existential void when comes an episode without blood and without loss. Hard, is not?

Throughout the six seasons of the series so far, many characters, favorite or hated, they were enthralled by the walk of history and, in most cases, their deaths are more than epic. It has to do justice to speech of Cersei, “In the game of thrones, you win or you die. It has no middle ground.” – Thinking about it, we chose the 10 most epic deaths of Game of Thrones so far! From now on, there will be only fire and blood.

SPOILAR ALART : Before we proceed to the actual list, it is our duty to remind you that this post contains some very serious spoilers that can ruin your entire watching of the show; so if you haven’t started to watch or haven’t watched all the aired seasons yet, you will proceed at your own risk.

01. Ned Stark :

Ned Stark : Deaths in Game of Thrones

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There’s no way to start this list without the first surprising (at least for those who did not know the books at the time) death of the series, showing that the plot does not really follow a model of protagonists. I mean, who could have thought that the character, which has been looked like the main protagonist throughout the entire first season, will be killed even before the season finale.

The leader of the House Stark, Ned Stark , played by Sean Bean, could not keep his head attached even until the last episode of the first season , one of the most striking scenes of the series, with the first death ( official, in this case, since Uncle Benjen back ) of one of the North Wolves; at the hands of the Lannisters.

02. Tywin Lannister

Tywin Lannister : Deaths in Game of Thrones

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Perhaps the most anticipated death by the fans, next to, of course, king Joffrey.
Even the leader of the mighty Lannister house couldn’t last. In the fourth season, it has been revealed that the rumor about Tywin Lannister shitting gold was fake, after all, the King’s Hand was killed by the arrows of his youngest son, Tyrion, while using the bathroom. This scene has so many epic elements that cannot even be numbered right, as the vengeance of Tyrion, the conversation between father and son, with a kind of recognition, the vulnerability of the Lannister leader, etc.

03. Oberyn Martell

Oberyn Martell Deaths in Game of Thrones

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Perhaps one of the most graphic and gore deaths of the series; the Trial by Combat for Tyrion yielded the anticipated fight between Oberyn Martell , the Red Viper, and Sir Gregor Clegane , the Mountain.

In the end, when the battle was almost won by Martell, he got careless out of overwhelming emotions as the Mountain raped and killed his sister, and then the mountain turns the tables, despite being poisoned and almost defeated, exploding Oberyn’s head with his bare hands. Sad, bizarre and epic!

04. Ramsay Bolton

Ramsay Bolton Deaths in Game of Thrones

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And after several construction seasons and character growth (and our hatred for him), we finally had the death of Ramsay Bolton at the end of the Battle of the Bastards, with the Starks retaking the north.

Nothing better than Sansa Stark orchestrating the moment, not only dropping the hounds to feed Ramsay but ensuring that his name and the name of his family would be buried there: no funerals or memories.


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