Do this for 1 Hour in a Day to Increase the Power of Your Mind

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power of mind

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If anything in our life that we do not like, we have the power to change it.

The human being has a privileged mind, and therefore we do not mean to be smart from the cognitive point of view or IQ, we mean the immense potential of resources you have in your mind. In our opinion, there is no greater force in nature than a human being with a firm determination.

John Kehoe , author of the bestseller “The powers of the mind”, stricken everyone in a training program in London when he explained how he came to the firm conviction of the immense power that we have for being human.

He secluded himself in an isolated cabin off all social life, in order to write and meditate.
He realized that he could not convey to others messages of empowerment and possess immense power of mind, if he did not believe it firmly and felt from every cell of his body.

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He had to find the absolute faith that will confirm that belief. He decided to focus about an hour every day and repeated over and over again the phrase :  “There is an infinite power within me.”

Our words, thoughts and emotions create our future.

Many experts firmly believe that the things we think, the words we say and the beliefs we have are very powerful; they shape our experiences and our lives. It’s like every time we have a thought or say a word the universe hears us and answer us.

So if there is something in our lives that we do not like, we have the power to change it. We have the power of our thoughts and words. When we change the words and thoughts, also change our experiences.

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power of mind

Whatever our past was, whatever the environment we have come from, no matter how difficult our childhood has been, we can now make changes. This is a very powerful and liberating idea, and if we believe in it, it becomes reality.

First we make the change in the mind and then life responds to us accordingly.

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As John said, “there were many days that this exercise seemed completely absurd and exasperating, but i never stopped doing it; I did it day after day. They were the weeks and months until the third month, while doing the same exercise as always, something inside him made a ‘clack’, something changed, and finally I ‘felt’ that my mind had immense power and I was able to get anything that i desire.” He had recorded this belief in his subconscious mind. He had found the confidence, faith.

That faith would allow you to greatly leverage the potential of your brain, activating the necessary features and neural connections to carry out its purposes. For example, John’s brain began to work differently, became much more efficient and empowering because he believed in him and his abilities.

A pessimistic or negative person, because of his/her belief system and lack of faith in him/herself is discarded without even realizing it, a huge range of options and alternatives to exit an adverse situation or achieve his/her dreams.
When we connect our hearts, our minds and our consciousness, we enter the harmony we need to realize our desires.
If your life is not as desired, do not expect anyone to change it. You’re the only one who can. All power is within you. God be with you whenever you ask him.

Faith in your own power will open to manifest your desires

power of mind

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